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Delivering Environmental
& Social Impact

Through Carbon Removal Projects


Community Projects


Carbon Removals


Biosphere Projects

Our Mission

We deliver social and environmental impact through the development of high quality carbon removal projects. 

At Bio-Logical we believe that high-quality carbon removal projects hold the key to turning the tide on climate change and unlocking the potential of some of the world's most vulnerable communities. Our mission centre's on the principle that our projects should be locally focused with a global impact, ensuring that we enable our clients to reduce their carbon footprint whilst supporting communities around the world. 


Creating a Circular Bioeconomy


Community Projects

Every Bio-Logical initiative has social impact at its heart, aiding the most vulnerable areas to climate change to tackle challenges such as gender inequality, food insecurity, and fair employment.


Carbon Removals

Bio-Logical develops nature based carbon removal projects, providing our partners with the means to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce their contribution to the climate crisis.


Biosphere Projects

Our projects draw carbon out of the atmosphere and create a healthier more productive biosphere for us all. Our projects regenerate soil and improve the climate resilience of farms to boost food production and improve farmer livelihoods.

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