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Bio-Logical fights climate change and supports the world’s most climate-vulnerable communities through carbon removals. By 2030 we aim to sequester 1 million tons of CO2 and support 1 million smallholder farmers, helping them to regenerate their land, grow more food and improve their livelihoods.

Growing Resilience Against Climate Change

We’ve all seen the struggles of African smallholder farmers in the face of climate change. Their decreasing yields year after year are not just statistics; they are stories of vulnerability to a crisis they played no part in causing.


At Bio-Logical, we're turning this challenge into an opportunity. A ground breaking technology to sequester carbon from agricultural waste and transform it into a powerful, climate resilience building fertiliser. This innovation is more than a product; it's a promise to regenerate land, dramatically boost crop yields, and tackle climate change head-on.

Meet The Team

Mt Kenya 6_00pm_edited.jpg


Welcome to the heart of operations – Bio-Logical’s pioneering Mt. Kenya Facility, soon to be Africa's largest biochar hub. Here we will work with over 100,000 smallholder farmers through ten large agribusiness partners. Through a circular economy, waste becomes the key ingredient in our fight against climate change, with a potential to sequester 25,000 tonnes of CO2 each year whilst supporting smallholder farmers within the region to increase their climate resilience and improve food security.

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